Exhibitor Portal

In this portal you can submit requests for power and internet services, hire AV equipment and submit rigging details for DreamHack Expo in Centrepiece.

Internet FAQ's

What's included with my booth?

Each booth receives at least 5/5mb internet but may vary depending on your package. This is a single cabled connection.

How can you get extra speeds?

Orders made through this form will be in addition to your allocated speed. For example, if you order 15/15mb below, you will have 20/20mb in total in most cases.

How much data is included?

Data is unlimited. Internet is live from 4pm Wednesday 31/08.

Is WIFI available on site?

Yes. Public WIFI will be available on site but this is shared by all attendees.

Power FAQ's

What's included with my booth?

Each booth receives 2 x 240v single phase power circuits each limited to 10A.

How can you get extra power?

Orders made through this form will be in addition to your allocation. Power is live immediately.

Test & Tag requirements?

All equipment must be test and tagged in compliance of AS/NZS 3760 before arriving on site.

Testing facilities will be available on site for all equipment that does not comply and will be charged on a per-item based on site.

Ordering furniture

We have partnered with ExCo to provide some options for hiring furniture. Click the button to the right to get started.

Ordering AV Equipment

We have partnered with Woohah Productions as our preferred AV Partner.

Simply click the button ORDER AV EQUIPMENT from the menu on top. Select your items, arrange payment and you'll receive your order information.

A dedicated Production Manager from Woohah will then reach out to confirm your details and installation on site.

Rigging Submission

If you plan to rig anything in the air you'll need to supply documentation and information about your supplier. This will be assessed by the our production team in collaboration with MOPT and the on-site rigging company.

You cannot bring external rigging suppliers into the MOPT venue and all rigging works have to be pre-approved before arriving on site.

Internet, Power & Furniture

Other requests